Parklandschaft Tempelhof competition: Second round with six planning teams.

Following closure in October 2008 of air traffic at Berlin's Tempelhof Airport, a 380-hectare area has become available for Berlin's urban development, whereby the 220-hectare airstrip is set to become a park for the citizens of Berlin.

In March, the Berlin Senate Department for Urban Development launched the Parklandschaft Tempelhof landscape planning competition for the design of this open space. Of the 78 planning teams submitting entries, six have been invited to enter the negotiation procedure regarding the content, execution and costs of their proposals.

The six shortlisted landscape architecture offices are:

- BASE, Paris
- bbzl böhm benfer zahiri, Berlin
- Capatti Staubach, Berlin
- gross.max, Edinburgh (see plan on the right)
- Rehwaldt Landscape Architects, Dresden
- Topotek 1, Berlin

It is planned to exhibit the selected projects at the end of August in the Tempelhof airport building and provide people the opportunity for open discussion with the representatives of the planning teams during the event.
The winning concept is to be chosen in mid-December.

Between 1936 and 1941, Tempelhof Airport was enlarged by the Nazis into a major travel hub in line with their architectural ideas. Later on, during the Berlin Blockade of 1948/49, it became the focus of international politics as the landing place of planes flying in desperately-needed supplies when the Soviet Union blocked all access to Allied-controlled sectors of the city.

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