Conference: STAVANGER Waterfront Syn.op.sis.

Nordic Urban Design Association (NUDA) and Project for Public Spaces (PPS), i n partnership with City of Stavanger, Cities of the Future (Framtidens Byer), Urban Sjøfront and network collaboration with STAS, Grønn By, Amiando, and Stavanger Architects Association, are organizing the first international "Waterfront Synopsis" conference in Stavanger, Norway on the 14th - 17th September 2010.

“Waterfront Synopsis” will focus on the topic of Placemaking and Sustainability, bringing the forces of environmentalism, climate change, and sustainability together with the ideas of community, livability, health and Placemaking. Many people around the world are realizing the impacts of “Place” and “Placemaking” as a transformative agenda for creating change in cities.

The goal of the conference is for participants to learn about waterfront developments that create a sense of place, strategies to incorporate local entrepreneurs into projects, and how developers and city agencies can work together more effectively to implement a common vision. The intent is to provide practical ideas for people who want to “do” and not just “talk.”


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