Bamboo House in Guanacaste, Costa Rica by Benjamin Garcia Saxe

Bamboo House in Guanacaste, Costa Rica by Benjamin Garcia Saxe

Benjamin Garcia Saxe used the inspiration of the forest to design his ‘Bamboo House’ in Guanacaste, Costa Rica

The house inverts the role of the forest by bringing it inside the house.

An internal patio provides space for functions to rotate about.

The house is divided into two living modules, one private bedroom and one public kitchen/living area.

Both modules are composed of a bamboo cone structure that opens up to the sky.

An ‘umbrella’ roof provides a large shadow and protects each module from the sun.

Due to the orientation of the house, the sun travels around the house traversing the patio throughout the day.

The bamboo structure casts shadows in the bedroom in the morning.

Slowly moving around the house until they reach the Living module where the sun sets.


Project Details

Architects: Benjamin Garcia Saxe
Location: Playa Avellanas, Guanacaste, Costa Rica
Type of Project: Residential
Total cost: $40,000
Materials: Concrete, Steel Structure, Bamboo and Burlap Walls and Doors, Tin Roof, and Glass
Total area: 100m² of wich 48m² are terrace
Contractor: Self Build
Photography: Benjamin Garcia Saxe, Andres Garcia Lachner, and Isabel Betancourt

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