The United States Fallen Heroes Memorial Open Design Competition


An American citizen will have the opportunity to design the Memorial. On Memorial Day weekend, USFHF will announce a nationwide design competition. Those interested in participating should register at Participants will be given login information and receive access to 3-D renderings and animations of the site as well as photos, plot maps, and be registered to receive updates on important competition information.


REGISTRATION BEGINS: May 31, 2010 (Memorial Day Weekend)

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: September 30, 2010 (8:46 AM)

WINNING DESIGN ANNOUNCED: November 11, 2010 (Veteran’s Day)


Required information and formatting of soldier information for the monument:
Fallen Heroes National Memorial will contain a plaque of each fallen soldier. Plaques will be no smaller than 6”x 8” and no larger than 9”x 12”. Each plaque will consist of a photo chosen by the fallen hero’s family and the soldier’s name, rank, age, hometown and home state, branch of service, unit, and KIA date.

Memorial grounds must include the following components:

  • The Memorial must recognize each of the States, U.S. Commonwealths, Territories, and the District of Columbia independently, from where a Fallen Hero is from.
  • The Flags of every State, Commonwealth, Territory, and the District of Columbia must be flown on the grounds.
  • A Visitors area for reflection and relaxation.
  • A Separate “Hall of Recognition” to accredit donors and sponsors who contributed to making the memorial a reality.
  • Sufficient parking for automobiles and an area for recreational vehicles.
  • A “Landmark” tall enough to be easily visible from the nearby interstate I-20.
  • An Illumination System via an eco-friendly solar power.
  • The Memorial must allow room for the addition of names until all Fallen Heroes have been identified. (anticipated total, 7,000-10,000)

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