The International Federation for Housing and Planning (IFHP) and the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul (PUCRS) are organizing a World Congress in Porto Alegre, Brazil, on the theme of Building Communities for the Cities of the Future. The congress includes a Student Competition, open for all students in the fields of (landscape) architecture, urban design, urban planning and other related studies. The competition focuses on the area of Morro Santa Tereza in Porto Alegre, and the students are asked to make a proposal for improvement of this area in groups of one up to five students.

The area is beautifully located on a hill with a view on the old city centre and the lake. However, the area lacks an adequate connection with the surrounding neighbourhoods and between parts within the area itself. Besides that, different kind of functions, such as buildings in which different companies in the media and communication branch are hosted, an institution for the poor elderly, a youth prison, a football stadium and high segment housing are very close to places which are informally occupied by low-income households. This situation leads to social tensions in the Morro Santa Tereza.

We ask the students to come with ideas and concepts that respond to this situation, which is illustrated and described more extensively on the congress website. The deadline for submissions is on the 1st of October 2010, after which an international jury will select three winning teams. These teams receive one ticket to Porto Alegre, entrance to the congress and a sum of 1000, 2000 or 3000 euro’s. The winner(s) will be presenting his/her concept at the congress (approximately 800 people), which will take please at 14-17 November 2010.

Herewith we invite you to participate in the Student Competition. Besides the interaction between undergraduate and graduate students from the most diverse places and cultures, and the exchange and building of knowledge, you make a chance to present your work in Porto Alegre. More information can be found on HERE. For questions, please contact and

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