Monument Circle Competition. Indianapolis.

Monument Circle is the state's most recognizable and visible public space, a sight and destination recognized around the world. Indianapolis is sometimes known as "The Circle City," courtesy of Monument Circle. Often referred to locally as simply the "Circle," it lies at the heart of our state, city and Downtown. Monument Circle is where we gather to celebrate, commemorate and show our guests who and what we are. As an event city of ever-growing stature, Indianapolis is a true host to visitors from around the country and, increasingly, the world. For these reasons and more, Monument Circle is an increasingly important destination and unique public space.

At its center is the century-old Indiana Soldiers and Sailors Monument. Important sites and architecture, spanning eras, generations and styles, surround the monument, including cultural and religious institutions, hotels and businesses. Here you'll find everything from a world-class symphony orchestra and one of Indianapolis' oldest churches, to headquarters for world corporate leaders in health insurance, broadcast, finance, technology and utilities. The streetscape currently combines public art, fountains, trees, plantings, cafes and shops to welcome pedestrians while traffic flowing around the Circle adds energy and access to the experience. Monument Circle is multi-functional and accessible to vehicular, pedestrian, bicycle and even horse drawn carriage traffic. From time to time, vehicular traffic is restricted to accommodate temporary special events.

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