ASLA 2010 Professional Awards: Analysis and Planning Category.

“This is where a lot of the world’s population lives and this project shows how landscape architecture addresses their issues. It operates at the scales of mapping, developing strategies, and testing ideas. This is such an important field for this profession. It is well done for the landscape structure and shows in a simple way how to integrate urban and cultural landscape.”
2010 Professional Awards Jury
Excellence Award
Kigali Conceptual Master Plan
Kigali, Rwanda, Africa
By: AECOM Design + Planning, Denver USA
Client: Oz Architecture

The need for original and innovative urban planning decisions in developing countries is becoming more apparent. As part of rebuilding efforts, Rwanda has adopted a vision to become a regional center of transportation and economic vitality. As Kigali becomes the leading urban center, it must find sustainable solutions to address this growth. The Kigali Conceptual Master Plan provides land-based strategies derived from the natural terrain, seeking to affordably promote development to meet the current needs.

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