'Landscape Perception' workshops in the foothills of the French Pyrenees.

Main workshop themes .
Observation of the Plant world within the Landscape. Here we will explore the more ecological aspects of landscape. The main question will be; What do plants tell us - about themselves, about their environment and about us?

Sense Perceptional Qualities & Interpretation (Environmental Aesthetics). Here we explore at how we see things and make judgements. The main question will be; How do we experience landscape and why can we experience it as beautiful?

Nature and Culture within the Landscape. Here we will explore cultural influences within the landscape. The main question will be; Are our surroundings natural with our cultural products placed within and how far is the landscape a product of nature and/or culture? And what are we?

Evolution of Consciousness. Here we will explore our changing perceptions of landscape within history and our own biography. The main questions will be; Is what we observe dependent on our consciousness? How far and why do we all notice different elements in the landscape?

Workshops 2010
All workshops will contain all 4 main themes. But each workshop will dominated by one of the them. There is also one separate course for Painting within the landscape.

Spring Workshop (1 - 8 May) will focus on Observation of the Plantworld within the landscape. Joining us on this workshop will be Jan Diek van Mansvelt, a botanic and landscape phenomenologist.

1st Summer Workshop (10 - 17 July) will focus on Sense-Perceptional Qualities & Interpretation (Environmental Aesthetics) within the landscape.

2nd Summer Holiday Workshop (7 - 14 August) will focus on exploring the relation between Nature and Culture, specifically in relation to the Middle Ages and the Present within the landscape.

Landscape Painting Workshop (28 Aug - 4 Sept) Here you will have the opportunity to acquire or enhance your skills in landscape painting with the support of Ben Stolk, a professional art teacher. No experience required.

Autumn Workshop (23 - 30 Oct) will focus on the Evolution of Consciousness and our changing Perceptions of the landscape. Joining us on this workshop will be Simon Blaxland de Lange, who will guide us through a small work by Owen Barfield.

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