8th International Association for Landscape Ecology Congress

"Landscape Ecology for Sustainable Environment and Culture"

18 - 23 August, 2011, Beijing, China.

The goal of the congress is to highlight the frontiers of the science of landscape ecology and promote communication and understanding between different cultures. The meeting will bring participants from all over the world to discuss landscape change due to intensified influences of nature and human society. It will include discussion on landscape resilience and adaptive capacity, application of landscape ecology in understanding cultural landscapes, biodiversity responses to climate change, landscape economics, adaptive management and etc.

The topics are:

· Resilience and adaptive capacity of socio-ecological landscape systems
· Accommodating biodiversity responses and engineering restoration in adapting to climate change
· Landscape economics: valuing ecosystem services at the landscape scale
· Adaptive landscape management: Rethinking monitoring approaches, indicators, and the role of models
· Landscape ecology and its application in understanding cultural landscapes and the maintenance of indigenous knowledge
· Landscapes and humans: linking landscape pattern perception and human well-being (includes urban areas)
· Sustainable energy and sustainable landscapes
· Landscape genetics (application of network theory, conservation and connectivity)
· Multi-functional landscapes
· Landscape ecology of ecosystem disturbances
· Landscape ecology and coastal and marine sustainability

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