AR Emerging Architecture 2009.

Water front Bunkaza Cultural Plaza, Osaka, Japan, by Ryuichi Ashizawa Architects & Associates

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The Bamboo Forest, 6 Collins Huts, and the Folded Plate Hut are all part of the new waterfront Bunkaza Cultural Plaza which has been constructed for the Aqua Metropolis Osaka 2009.


The folded rib structure of the roof of the largest hut is designed to resemble the Japanese craft of origami. The structure cantilevers out over the water and is proposed to host music and theatre events.



The Bamboo Forest is constructed from the forests found locally on the river Douzima. The trees are bent into shape to create frames on which artists can hang work or create temporary shades while they work.


Each component of the Collins huts are designed to fit within a common 2.4m wide car, these can then be transported, constructed, and removed and reconstructed easily after the event.


click image to enlargeCollins hut section- click to enlarge imageBamboo forest section- click to enlarge image

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